God Threw Me a Storm and Out Came a Peroscope

^ fitting

I was never considered for mass production


@ saturn with briconomu

I’ll describe the storm later tonight. We’re going to head to see some movie at 8 pm about some penniless artist boyfriend - perfect == thats me!

It’s called never look away - going to sneak in 2 four locos,

Before I get into it, this is the birth of the 3rd iteration of the poliwat log sites. The first one is here


and the second one is now https://poliw.at but will soon be something else


and this one will be the new poliw.at proper


My broke my new windows laptop, accidently installed a virus and spent 10 hours trying to fix it. Was up till like 7AM in Ian’s room. I lost everything from the last few months, but managed to get back most of it today. I borrowed a cable from Kent on campus and he also told me about some new free plugins, variety of sound that I have to try. Can’t wait!

But anyways I’m on the old plubuntu machine and it’s slow and steady - that’s how I’m going to win this race.

Cause my whole body has been feeling different ever since that 7 AM mark a few days ago when I wrestled with fighting the virus all night until finally the laptop wouldn’t boot up at all.

I lost 6 days of the most eloquent and epic poliwat I know of, about 2,000 lines of lyrics I loved, and so much more.

I’m not letting it discourage me, I’m just really motivated to keep creating.

It was all practice then anyways, for the ether right

and the ether is hungry, I should never get greedy with what I throw into the ether. music and more

but it’ll take a hot second to get some music software going, I have reaper on this machine though so Ill pop something out.

the other day I fucked up briconomu’s car up the sotrmy mountain road at like 5 am - hit something but couldn’t find it, broke a whole rim and tire. It was bad. We just got it fixed from the shop.

I wrote some logs from the previous days, that I’m just going to post here - so this log is a log for the past couple days in a way.

Showed Kent poliwat! He’s super cool and in the military too, which is rare for someone living on campus - you kind of have to be lowkey about that cause it’s an antimilitary outpost. I love all outposts cause I used to wanna be a sniper

My entire body feels different ever since I lost the work. I won’t go into it now, but I feel permanently changed. I don’t smoke weed. I drink but I don’t get drunk. I don’t know I have this chopin death cough, but it’s finally breaking up.

God threw me a good storm though and even during the darkest moments, I felt joy nested with the terror and pain.


we ask think am I talking in circles

peroscop === periscope (not twitter app)

dear tina

I dont know you

I know your son

but not well, I've hung out with him twice

and I feel compelled to tell you

your son omg

is a beatiful human being

a tender spirit great singer and artist

and you should be proud

and I don't know what you look like

but I know you're a busy gal 

dying of cancer

but you can die knowing

your son is a fucking master

that changed my life

in 8 minutes time

he was drawing spirals

then I thought of AI


just trying to fix the good laptop and making a new poliwat on the plubuntu lappy - couldn’t find a cable to bump tunes so its a headphones night =


331 == am I not being clear right now? The telescope used in the sims sims and the one I took everywhere I’ve lived since then has broken on the deck during a storm. The rule where you setup the telescope only when people are using it never existed, so the consequences have been endured. I don’t even know at this point.,,,


stayed up all night trying to backup my files and fix my laptop

the files are transferring but it says 18 more hours

which is bad cause we’re trying to make it to dinner at my sister’s house by 6 pm 3 12 hours away

idk I think I might be infecting this external hard drive by transferring the files over

the internet is down so I cant get a decent windows iso on a usb stick to reinstall on the broken machine but thats the next step

I wont live for much longer to be honest if I cant make stuff

this is killing me, I would give everything I own, all rights to all work done up to this point, for a machine that has a working DAW/ableton

atleast ive been able to eat though || not like earlier

and am drinking hot water with a lime in it so life’s good

if the internet wasnt down i could continue but im too upset to sleep i need to fix this. i can head to a coffee shop that has internet when the files are done transferring - 42 min left (took out all mashine sounds so no longer 18 hours, i can redownload them from the interwebz)

going to rest the router


never look away was good

also I know it’s spelled periscope