Dad Fixed My Keys Insomnia Fixed My Music

^ freestyles from the sunday drive in the car

^ what you should never hear and I should write down {{ last day of college career and still thinkin about it }}


just woke up - and went to the garage and my dad was fixing my yahama privia keyboard - 88 weighted keys, it’s been offline for years and I used it in college. v excited to use it!!! he super glued a small post in the power port I don’t know how he managed that but it works! and theres another board withthe same port we can desoldier if it breaks again, he said he would ship it to me if it breaks. I’m amped.

I just have to put the screw in, there’s a lot of real estate meaning many screws, I got halfway through but needed to shit.

Was up till I don’t remember but my sites are almost good, hopefully by the end of the night but I gotta finish packing up the car…. moving my stuff to bonny dojo ! Going to setup a sweet studio and take it day by day. I’m looking to see cam as well, he has a macbook charger for me and I can’t remember if I logged it but my dad let me order a new chargin port, battery, and screws for it so I’ll fix it by the end of the week. I can’t believe it’s going to get back online!!!! Then my laptop will no longer be missing a screw (it’s missing a lot more anyways but one in particular somewhere inside when I did the job last time)

I will try and do it at hunter’s house or noisebridge as well

There are many reasons I can’t sleep at night

so I psyOps utter love

when you lose the wormwood and write 2,000 lines about it

then you lose the lyrics and the wormwood finds you


had a nice time at bonne paul’s last night - we had Jersy Mike’s for dinner with mom dad bonnie paul mila briconomu and it was sick. Some jams, I recorded a new song paul made, and got video of her on this laptop. Overall great time. I felt like time stopped for the moment, but the pressure of getting work creeped into the back of my head

downloaded plugins on the bluntu machine at their house | just need to migrate them and set them up

we hit figuro on the way back, had a nice time -

I found 20 bucks on the ground so now I have 23 to my name ( found 3 in my pocket aha )

Looks like I lost my portfolio site aside from a static export, so I can still use it I just need to

a good shit it was solid its the little things


haven’t bee-n talking about it much but I’ve been recordin every day

let me see you smile {{ lucia berlin }}


kev chad


lesson from the slut
get fucked
get fucked up
dont  give a fuck

lesson from the woke hobo
run the water before you raid the cahbo


made it back to the cruz . really good idea over pho in SLO today - will just upload links of it holy shit


getting new sites going its fun

crispsi’s tunes in the backround and chicken and I gotta unpack the car by 6 am and dont plan on sleeping

like I know I should

like I know I could

good thing its opposite day not today



id rather die than sleep

abstraction away from 3 days ago

when i like id rather die than eat

i dont compromise apparently
wouldn't be here if jelly didn't save me
naked on the ground by the heat
die a poe death when I cant make a beat
but beats only gonna keep
attention span till 30
so a new tune n system I make to ride
each day

I stopped usin
I stopped using lotion
to age my hands to catchup to you damn
Im all out balls out no doubts lets go now
let go how
I knew this would happen but couldn't imagine how it sounds
bad unless I spin it with my special mouth
mad until I get what I want
since 3 always able to convince parents thoughts

mamma gave me hundo for a track phone
Imma use it don't tell anyone I got a phone
that's just for the fam homies and jobs
I hunt for inspiration only when not writing logs
get it this my special sauce
there nothing ore to write I sign off