Mama Gave Me Money for a Trackphone

^ callback - no access to a way to fix the mixing but <3 it regardless


on BART heading from fremont to Ashby to see jack

briconomu dropped me off at the surgery section of the hospital and I took a clean shit

I look over grown and worn, but the people on the bart were overly nice to me when I asked for directions.

lastnight fell asleep on the kitchen floor for an hour listening to freestyle tape from yesterday. bumping iy now bouncng it by the end of the ride I hope otherwise its coffee shop time

ian doesnt sleep either ok!

had a nice catchup with kev and then chad before leaving nips yesterday,

i unloaded the car in record 20 minutes time, just suitcases of equipment mostly

and weighted keys :0 can’t wait to play


wanted to open source it
but couldn't find the funding
then I found the courage
every moment worth sharing

friends know I live my life in the left field

left handed ya feel

granamda treid to make me write with my right
thats why Im amb into amb boyz n noise sometimes

in to

why happened to me though

I use to be clean

obsessed with my teeth

now I covered in dirt and grease
not only that my reputation preceeds me
been in the grease for a hot minute
for hot chicks
so I pray to god, the woman


working at atlas coffee - saw Jack

and he’s working at his work office close by,

got off a 24th and mission bart

todays all about job portfolio life love and liberty, tomorrow’s about music {{{it’s all music}}}

|| oh and a phone ||

should I put the portfolio on poliwat aha ? or just leave it as a nake github - Im not sure yet

also I have the pale blue one Idk for how long and I don’t think I can log in until I fix my macbook but the parts are coming iny wednesday at least ||

I officially have secret sub domains and hope to integrate it as a daily driver

hold up or road soda

listen to till you come to

don’t fall asleep just come to

pass out on kitchen wood with plubuntu

full volume so I go deaf like jordan too

ha my favorite symphony was written when he was deaf

I don’t need to hear to listen friend

get my oral fixation by thinking

my mind only a prison when I think it

I escape via rope ride tropes through jokes

so you know I know you know

and to all those I haven’t hit back

I don’t discard people I just need a job bad

hit ME up via encrypted chat

if you wanna see the real me I love one on one catchups

outside dont be fat

except with your bass

that the place

hometown buffet

email charlotte cause I could use some wisdom

a confidant when I think of my mind as a prison

but this thought will pass like this lesson

future teen child let the truth trickle

to my niece she’s already started singing

modern day mozart and a natural dancer

I gotta another neice coming

another reason to start working

its an art to make money from nothing

and I’m far from nothing now

and I started with nothing somehow

cause this mind that right now might be a prison

3 years ago freed me from instituion

too aloof to be a useful tool of industry

unless they find me

and pulls the levers so subtely

no my mind is no prison

when I can meditate in any state

any situation

you think you have it all?

try falling asleep regurlary to loud music

and 1 other audio source at same time

poliwat setup is a 3 laptop minumum


@ noisebridge in the mission

on a mission for a flip phone but they’re all too expensive here


to do

  • reach out for screen supervising - ask becca

  • finish upwork profile

  • send nikki audio

  • launch poliwat patreon

  • get venmo

  • take photos with chad for upwork profile

  • find Jack a good partner

  • download urban sitter app

{{ HA }}

  she got out day before brexit
  I got out day before my last exit
  I'll be okay
  I'm on a ship
  we're a ship
  crashing into icebergs cam says
  and when we do,

  325 by the 15th :)


updating upwork profile at cam’s apartment - lovely time witheveryone here omg

recording and HAHAHAH JACK you wish you could hear this we went on a big jack tangent and long -=-

^ Denis is so good at music vibes omg


sleeping @ julia’s in inner sunset

and also 0 hoots shirt or bucket hat inc

like the wise gamer once said, go mid

they talked about their orgy exp that was bedtime stories tonight