Calling That Cant Be Called Sunglasses in the Rain

^ bad draft but I gotta get it online feelin so paranoid about losing work today so Imma invest in my future self or whatever


im calling out
today is not the day
for pulling punches

heading to campus to return that sata cable to kent

spent the morning on hunter’s couch listening and watchin my tunes

just generally frozen in place this morning

I have so many options I need to take

I feel so bad I haven’t gotten a trackphone to call my mom

I’m going to definitely alteast call today, there’s just not an easy way to get to a walmart cause the bay is too lit for walmart but that’s the right price

in the city flip phones were over aHundo everywhere IIII I I III I I II II I II I III II I I I I I looked

will find david dunn today and edit audio in his room but don’t plan on bugging him too much - I really need to hear this sample of a viola de amor he played for me but didn’t know he was being recorded

I’ve recorded him so many times he prolly knew and definitely doesn’t care cause he’s too smart to care ||||

listened to a lot of my music and now again on this new song

3PAC 0HOOTS is dead, a hybrid between a breakup song and this idea that I have a friend I didn’t meet in this life but look forward to being friends in the next, among other things - it’s not done but I will go straight to the pianos on campus right now and want to practice it. I want to play it in the city sometime, do an antifolk acoustic piano sing song set || cause I love piano

but I can’t sing but I can write and I can regimitize and this juul is about to die thank god half a pod is enough for me


just got to SC roasters briconomu drove me and we hit campus but I forot the cable to return then just realized I did fucking have it so anyways going to cut some audio and dream today and I wanna eat but everything is so expensive and I don’t have a girlfriend to pay for everything anymore cause I can’t do that anymore cause it’s fucking my music and damn I feel so bad about it

but atleast we’re on talking terms I thought she would hate my guts and cut everything off, maybe she will

also don’t read poliwat if you fucking know me it will drive you crazy

this a brain dump
don't look into it
unless you're by yourself
with an intimate one

ak fucked the monogamy out of me

i feel so bad she picked me up we got coffee and I am so sad she was crying and a homeless version of me told her to smile downtown

but thank god I got my mouse

ableton is all I need now

and zoom brew best brew I need 3 but lets see what happens with 1





im highly transparent
highly cryptic

stop reading poliwat

and if you do

you need to go ahead and not ask direct questions unless they showed you gave it some thought or subtle references when we’re talking I love that and that’s one of the reasons I can keep going

I’m going to share too much and see where the cards fall

cause I’m not trying to live a long life and I don’t just get by havven’t lived like that in so long I don’t even remember what it feels like cause even with not knowing how to procure my next meal I am happy full of joy in this world I love the earth this life this time so much and I feel so lucky to experience it

just set fire to your life cause I’m a double sign don’t believe it les sit works for me one of the points of believing in the first place i need to stop writing but you’re not here and there’s a real need to stop writing about how you’re not here

but 3PAC 0HOOTS is dead a friend I never met I’ll meet in the next

something to look forward to

OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK today I’m making singsong.poliwat lOL OLOLOL ahahahahahaahahaha going to get that going now cause it’s not working in the av logs it’s to crazy but I’ll make a subdomain for the relative ‘final’ versions of song lyrics/progressions

cause when I write a song I’m writing one instance of it I like the idea of multiple instances of variations of the same song

and the same song would mean that is some encapsulated idea over a dicrete period of time.

and that’s how I sleep

was able to get a good nights sleep last night for the first time in a while

cause the room was spinning when I shut my eyes

It was strangely appealing to get so much sleep

it’s been a while at this point since I’ve had it

but 3PAC 0HOOTS is dead

played on loop I sing it man

almost done with that then I got the martin track

those will be the first ones on the subdomain

the rest will follow

cause I’m coming up on zoom brew

and 3PAC 0HOOTS is dead

but fuck we both know that’s not the move but it’s the move I wanna do

I should really finish this job app killswitch

that’s the only point of conenetion

I feel in my bones the rest is no stress

I have a patron now

feel it in every step

I will keep going until I fall

already gone too hard I cannot stop

this love in my heart if only I could

be more consistent less disapointing

with the exs in my life

but I find the time

to write her songs in due time

cause 3PAC 0HOOTS is dead

that mantra gets me going friend

3PAC || 0HOOTS || is dead



flux far from the equator

my vision is getting blurry and that’s a tell

I will fake like I have greaet vision for as long as possible

you’re looking at me been a windows boy for a month now and I love it

and soon my OSX will be up so I’ll regarlarly use in my studio ubunut windows and osx CANT WAIT O M G

I’m moving to san francisco !!! I am so happy about this decision

not a doubt in the world, I’ll go anywhere for flow state


ahaha robin was just called in this coffee shop

transcribing for an upload

wasting going to release this but idc imma just open the gates on bandcamp then the more refined stuff will be through other people cause i love this tune but only cause its sentimental and it was the last one I could make with that vocal pedal

haven’t been adding audio to hear cause dont have my macbook which has the juices I need aka track art / plugins / tracks but I’ll just do what I got each day cause that’s what I’d rather see in retrospect

cause then you see the growth or whatever

and I feel like I haven’t written my best songs yet

though there are so many I’ve written and just need to revisit in small quick studio sessions

AKA mission idk what to call that studio yet ahahaha

but the lineage so far has been like

post office

empire grade linda rose studio

bonny dojo studio

and now this one

transcribing this for songbook v1 - cant access the old stems just needs to be re recorded but Imma just write more songs honestly this is low hanging fruit

(my turn? okay)
I'm talking
why I sad over this piano tape
why can't I stop typing to tell any mate
that I tired of living  all up in
a moments notice
thats why I zone out zone in
at home so good so focus so
sweep yo mamma porch
shut the front door
sweep yo ma's side porch
shut the front the dooor
say sweep it up ooh
western eastern southern public radio now
shoot out 50 chat messages in under a minute
you couldn't this communication
I making like communion
I am religious
I wrote my own religion
you lever headed idiot
everything is leverage
make fun of your superstitions
so so so
sweep yo mamma porch
shut the front door
sweep yo ma's side porch
shut the front the dooor
say sweep it up ooh

(bonnie why do you go at night? I have mila all night
  ++sample mila crying)

I'm talking
why I sad over this piano tape
why can't I stop typing to tell any mate
that I tired of living up in
a moments notice
that's why I zone out zone in
at home so good so focus
so sweep yo mamma porch
shut the front door
sweep yo ma's side porch

(still my turn?)
I talking bless up dry spell
smile up
my life it romantic god damnit
razor sharp focus every rose I notice
my religion more women in power
tokimonsta pocket michelle obama
bu but bu bam bam in yo head
you too late and dead
stuck up on that larry page and lean
but agile was yesterday
silly valley
all up inbetween
I feds up with beats
I fed up with me

swoon swoop swoon swoop
swoon swoop swoon swoop

I got my landboat
I got that rhythm chop
I'm on my own time
freedom came at cost
like my own
part my room
you go
freedom at a cost
freedom at a gal
asha sharad


lost the juul ahahaha that was short lived 30 hours is enough time for a long time and also part time prime time {{craig knows :}}

oh yeah the keyboard doesnt work im in russian mode I always forget and think the keyboard breaks lolololololololololololloloollolloloo is miscommunication between me n lappy


zipping 332 tack arts so im chillin for 2 days AHA

going to just get 1000 tracks on bandcamp and link the everywhere lol

then play live a bunch stream a bunch and produce 50 shades with sf crew


not really going to count whats in my pocket but will go ahead and know in my soul I have enough money to leave town and record at the radio station. Tonight / tomorrow morning by NOON is the official cut off for sending off that secret audio - I can’t believe this is taking me so long ( I’m procrastinating and writing and exporting other things in the mean time ya know ) 12 13 pm .gmt really getting down to the wire at this point and Im a hungry boy like milo now || well you can’t always eat as an artist that’s been true for years =-=-=-=-==–=-==-=-

cause 3PAC 0 HOOTS is dead


cant imagine a life without many hats

and i rarely wear hats


holy shit you need to put your samples on a sd card for trippy chris and then go hangout with him and get him live remixing my beats - AND HIT UP MATT TONIGHT OMG

am I gonna go fruity loops for a hot minute cause it was fun seeing hunter drive on it last night and the only thing is that its super mouse heavy when ableton is so keyboard friendly and I’m a keyboard slit for sure

-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-


seems like open sourcing my brain is a point of contention for any woman I lie with

91.1 fm

this is such a good station im in the back of the car but will DD in a second sharon is driving herself home first

whoever isn’t sweet to animals we shouldn’t be sweet to cause there’s this tiny wiener dog behind my back in the back of this car and how much does a bullet cost 27 cents? if you aren’t sweet to animals as far as I’m concerned let’s take a session behind the shed that’s the little Nazi in me and they came 200 years early I’d never act on it and anima cruelty just really gets my bones red - I’d spill blood for a better population over it in the moment only when I’m about to DD in the back of a corolla counting the minutes till I can freestyle oh brother chad where art thou inside jokes I’m so far from right now can’t remember a single one it’s been so long thought I’ve been navigating every conversation with mastery son it’s easy when you know what you want know how to express with the least words ha I had to ditch it to stay two steps ahead I fucking miss it I miss my friends holy shit this is as far as a full send my entire universe could be summed up in a document sometimes I wish to admit then bury it deep behind tunes and wallpapers subtlety my only trade at the end of the day not a single human on my level today though they come close we must train to understand each other in profound ways only then can we grow and make and garden lifes already a jungle and I already recorded you hiding in a garden why do my logs change so? Used to be more about quantifying poliwat oh - but now looking back over a bottle of wine to myself the other night - looks like poetry what the fuck is this never considered myself a poet but then I looked back then found it god damn it I wanted to be a scientist but the things I hate about myself are what motivates me so no one can stop me till they slit my throat thought I never bothered to bite off an ear in a good grapple and whats a hippy party without a few to die I a true masochist an understatement sometimes I shouldn’t write so openly hide through cryptography hope the timing is right it has been so far all the time been surfing life for years no stress less I over explaining please that’s just for your worries and distractions I have not one in sight except stubborn ideas on how to make the world a better place don’t you see future michael you need me what I do now is what you reap the benefit of I’ve been doing it so long investing in future Michael that I hate myself only a third of the time the rest is a front I’m hard pressed to find something or someone I can’t talk to I shouldn’t write I shouldn’t type in the back of this corolla when I should be listening but why so hard to listen sometimes when I’m not recording I don’t know and why I allergic to periods who knows it let me cool down cause I fucked up 3 times in a row with my love now only in my head always in my head everybody so easy to communicate with why I feel like I always holding back cause no one gives a fuck about poetry unless they horny though I’ve been doing it since I started independently thinking this isn’t a shout out to those misunderstanding this a confession that it takes an army to satisfy me thought I’d never admit it and this and that I gotta display none most confessions at that take that can’t figure it out I’m not surprised which is why there’s quite a long line for women and boys tryin to suck my dick

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